Today more than ever we have an overwhelming mountain of nutrition information, much of it contradictory, on the best foods to feed our family, and those to avoid. It’s easy to end up bewildered and feeling guilty about what we are and aren’t feeding our children.
Jenny Boss is a qualified nutritionist with a Masters in Human Nutrition from Deakin University, Melbourne. She also has additional qualifications in children’s nutrition and feeding.
Jenny’s passion is nutrition education, particularly for parents and children in primary schools. Her aim is to encourage children to eat the best foods possible, and to cut down on those that are potentially harmful, through educating both children and their parents. Along the way she wants to dispel some common nutrition myths, and encourage good eating without resorting to expensive ‘superfoods’ or eliminating treats. 
“I’m not a killjoy,” explains Jenny. “I don’t believe we need to ban all sweet or treat foods for our children or ourselves,” she says. “Eating is a pleasure and treats play a part in that, but learning which food will pack the most nutritional punch is also essential if we want our children to thrive, physically and mentally.”
Partnering with The School Canteen was a natural step, she says. 
“Their philosophy of providing the best food for children in the setting where they need it most – where they are learning – really struck a chord with me. 
“Your brain is two percent of your body weight, yet consumes 20 per cent of the fuel you eat. What kind of fuel do you want to power your children’s brains?”


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