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Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that eating good quality, pure and healthy food whenever possible and especially at home.

These are the big statements that we follow obsessively:

Food should be made of Food, (including nothing that is artificial) Food should be made in a kitchen (not a factory) Food should be made by people (not machines)

The School Canteen also supports the concepts of environmental sustainability as it relates to Food and Food production.

These are our principles:

Food should be grown around here. Food should be made around here. Food should be eaten around here.

These basic ideas have been developed to provide a core ideology for the business operations of The School Canteen. We believe that with these clear and simple ideas we can build a business that is focused and driven and deliver what our clients want and need, good, healthy food. The School Canteen is aligned with the school canteen to create a food strategy that has revolutionized school canteens and now we want to revolutionize the experience at home.

Food should be made of Food

Food is an integral part of our health and wellbeing. The foodie & the chef staunchly adheres to the idea of using pure food and choosing food products that are minimally

processed and or packaged.

The flow-on health benefits of this achievement are enormous, are acknowledged by health professionals and hopefully tangible in children’s behavior and well being. The School Canteen would like to contribute to the good health of families and this is how we will do it:

Elimination of Processed Food       

Progressively, The School Canteen eliminates the vast majority of processed food from our canteens. We like our food inputs to be as minimally processed as possible. There are no pies or packets of chips.

Eliminate chemical additives in foods    

This covers all artificial flavorings, artificial preservatives and artificial colourings. We all know why.

Eliminate Junk    

No junk food. Ever.

Increase Whole Foods   

We believe in wholesome food made of whole unprocessed produce. We fill our menu with real foods from Pizza to Pasta, salads and vegetable’s . Our whole foods are exciting and tasty which is why you will love it!

Increase traditional foods       

We focus on simple traditional foods you and will recognize and connect with.

Our food is familiar, flavorsome and comfortable yet interesting so the kids will experiment and explore new things.


Increase fresh produce        

Fresh, seasonal food is our passion. We source it, we make delicious wholesome food from it and we serve it.

More Fibre. Less Fat. Less Sugar     

In our mind dietary fibre goes up by increasing fresh produce and removing processed foods. Remove junk food and excess fat and sugar goes too. Simple.

Food should be made in a kitchen (not a factory)

It is key to our philosophy that food should be made in kitchens. Certainly some kitchens need to be big, but there is a fundamental difference between a kitchen and a food factory or processing plant. We believe you should eat food made simply and traditionally, in kitchens, just like our ancestors have used for millennia.

We do not use food irradiation, major distillation plants or fermentation tanks.

In fact we propose that you should not eat any food that our grandparents, or their peers in other cultures, could not reasonably be expected to recognise as food.

Food should be made by people (not machines)

As a logical extension of the location our food is prepared, it should be made by people, ideally by people we know at one level or another. Giant monoculture farms and food processing facilities use very few people to produce the food they make.

What we provide to families who use our services is our time, with a real person converting real raw produce into real food.

Food should be grown around here.

This covers the local food concept, striving to reduce food miles wherever possible. We use local fresh foods wherever they are a viable alternative. Seasonality is also key to our operations.

Food should be made around here.

If used at all, our processed foods are Australian where possible and as local as we can reasonably make them.

Food should be eaten around here.

Finally, in order to complete the circle, food needs to be consumed close to the kitchen, be that at home or at the canteen. Eat together and eat local.

What The School Canteen hopes to achieve.

Over time our food program in schools will undoubtedly lead to benefits in many areas of current concern. We hope that these are some of them:

  • Life long good food habits

  • Interest in cooking

  • Cultural links and awareness

  • Decrease in behavioural problems, obesity and allergies

  • Better meals at home

  • Environmental benefits •Interest in gardening

  • Food appreciation

  • Appreciation of the contributions to society made by food growers

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